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The Andaman Thai Spa Massages have been designed for every need and has different therapies.


It is about different rituals that will completely renew you.


Thanks to your hands, your natural products and oriental aromas, your senses will embark on a trip to paradise.


The beauty treatments of Andaman Thai Spa constitute an original menu and offer the secrets of Thai beauty by selecting natural products such as rice granites, lemongress, the coconut cascade that fits your skin type ... with the ritual of movements that relax and transmit inner beauty to the outside, radiating luminosity and rejuvenating the skin.


In Andaman Thai Spa we have hot tubs with capacity for 2 people where you can enjoy a bath of revitalizing salts. Check our packages that include this option.


At Andaman Thai Spa we offer treatments combining our massages, our beauty treatments and our SPA services. They are the perfect option to enjoy all the benefits offered by the Thai tradition for body and spirit.

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